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HGH Or Human Growth Hormone, A Glimpse

By: Travis Lawrence

HGH is an abbreviation for the term Human Growth Hormone which is a treatment for people who are severely behind in growth. It is mainly used for children, although there are many benefits associated with adults taking the hormone as well. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. While years ago it was necessary for the hormone to be supplied from a pituitary gland, science has developed HGH that is synthetic and just as high quality.

HGH is a protein based hormone that helps with the growth and production of cells. It has been shown to show significant improvements when injected into children who are severely behind in their growth. There are many advantages and very few and rarely occurring side effects. The hormone is injected into muscle or subcutaneous tissue. In most cases, injection is painless and done with the same type of syringes used for insulin. In children, there are many different ways in which HGH works. It can help them to grow faster and they will have increased strength and better motor development as well. Body fat may lessen as a sign of development. Probably the best benefit to this treatment is that children will emotionally and socially reap the rewards as they grow and become more capable of meeting the goals of children their age.

In adults, HGH can help in a number of ways as well. It can give enhanced energy and even strength. It can also improve bone density as well. Muscle mass increases may be at the risk of adipose tissue, though. It is undetermined whether the mortality of adults taking this hormone will be affected, though. A basic injection will be three injections per week. The doses are usually only 25% of what children receive. Many adults who experience human growth deficiency (the cause for needed HGH) do not get the treatments that can benefit them for a number of reasons. First, the cost is high and many insurance companies simply do not cover it. Or, they may fear the injections or simply will refuse to go see a doctor.

Probably the most difficult of all reasons why individuals, children and adults, who suffer from human growth deficiency, do not seek treatment is the cost. In the developed world, most children who are severely deficient will be offered treatment. But, the costs can range from $10,000 to $30,000 a year if not more. For adults, this is significantly lower because they require a much smaller dose. But, for many this is an unreachable goal. The good news is that most children do get the treatment through one means or another.

For anyone suffering from this disorder, any relief can help them to repair not only their bodies, but their fragile self esteem and emotional well being. In Europe and in other countries besides the Untied States, hormone treatments for children are administered regularly as treatment for this disease. The benefits are enormous because, simply put, children can go on to grow as their peers do without the risk of side effects and prolonged problems. This in itself can lead to many happy families.

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